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While trying to find a manual for an old brake lathe machine a while back I discovered just how hard it was to find an old manual. So I decided I would try and make it easier for others to find older automotive repair machine manuals and parts listings. In my limited free time I find manuals on The Internet and I place them here for others to get. I also spend some time and effort helping this web site to be "find'able" so when you are looking for a manual it won't take you forever to find it here.

Obviously, this website is not free. I pay monthly hosting fees and other expenses to get it online and I have spent many hours locating manuals, making the images for them, describing them, and promoting them in various search engines. This is not a hobby and I expect to make a little extra cash to take my wife out to dinner once in a while or purchase that man cave toy I've been dreaming about.

If you found a manual or parts listing here and gotten your copy, I thank you for your small donation to my efforts.